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Hi MEGA Magic Saturday participants and magicians, I am 48 years old and have been performing magic for payment since I was 8. These days speed of magic is much, much faster than it was pre-internet. Thanks to the internet and our addiction to social media a trick is released and it’s hot for about 3 weeks and then it’s pushed out of the way for the next ‘new’ thing.

Internet insiders jokingly say one calendar year equals 3 internet years because things move so fast and change so quickly. I think the same thing is now true for magic. So accordingly, I’m 144 in magic years and that is how old I feel sometimes!
I had a lot of my original material published between 1988 and 1993.

Here are a few of the highlights of my magic career:
One Man Parade in The Linking Ring
Material published in Apocalypse, The Trap Door and The Minotaur
‘Magician’s Secrets’ CR-ROM series published by Arc Media
‘Star Gazer’ effect marketed by Meir Yedid
‘Fortune & Fate’ effect marketed by Dan Garret
‘Presents of Mind’ videos produced and released by Hampton Ridge Magic
Attended the prestigious, invite only 4F close up convention 13 times
Founded and co-produced The Magic by the Falls convention for 3 years
Performed in every major convention city in North America.


From his Suit Jacket escape

The Lecture 

Stand Up Material

  1. The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape – A comedy Houdini style escape. An illusion that fits in your briefcase!
  2. REDONKULOUS – Dramatically reveal a freely thought of word from an ordinary sheet of newspaper
  3. Magician’s Insurance Policy  – A modernized version of this classic complete with new templates
  4. Calculated Surprise – Learn 3 freely thought of numbers using an unprepared calculator
  5. People’s Choice Opener  – Your audience decides what show you’ll perform!
  6. Unknown Psychic  – A hilarious variation Ari Soroka’s The Red Carpet using just a paper bag.

Close Up Material

  1. Free Fall – A selected card magically appears in a photograph Happy Face A ‘sad’ face drawn by a spectator magically changes into a ‘happy’ face right in their own hands!
  2. Blank Card Ideas – Great ideas using just one blanked face playing card.
  3. Psychic Connection – A spectator freely cuts to three cards that reveal the identity of his selection