Competition Rules


1 – There will be limited to a maximum of 4 contestants each category.
2 – Contestants must be registered as a Magician at MEGA Magic Saturday 2015
3 – A minimum of 3 contestants must compete in each category for 2nd Prize to be awarded
4 – There are TWO (2) categories of entry: Senior , Junior
5 – Junior contestants must be age 17 or under at the time of MEGA Magic Saturday 2015 – Valid ID will be required.
6 – In the Adult Close-Up competition, there will be a First-Place (Cash & Trophy) award. If there is a Second-Place winner in the above categories, a Magic Merchandise Certificate will be awarded.
7 – There is a $10.00 entry fee to enter the competition. The entry fee must be included with your contest entry form and can be included with your registration.
8 – Contestants will be selected on the basis of first-postmarked as received by the Convention Registration Chairman. Deadline for entering a contest will occur when 6 paid applications are received OR one hour prior to the contest if there are less than 6 contestants in that category.
9 – No contestant will be allowed rehearsal time at MEGA Magic Saturday.
10 – In the Close-Up competition, Contestants will be responsible for clearing their own performance area after their performance.
11 – Contestants performing to music must bring their own CDs or MP3 Players and cords
12 – Sound personnel responsibility will be strictly limited to STARTING your music after you are introduced, and STOPPING your music when your act ends.
13 – All contestants must attend (or be disqualified) the Pre-Contest Meeting at MEGA Magic Saturday as specified by the Contest Chairperson. The Pre-Contest Meeting time and location will be included in your convention packet and will most likely be 45 minutes before the start of the contest.
14 – A unknown selected committee will judge contestants. Committee decisions will be final.
15 – Due to facility restrictions, NO fire, confetti and no weapons will be allowed.
16 – Use of “Blue” or “Adult” material will cause your score to be penalized. Excessive use may cause disqualification. And may cause you to be asked to immediately stop your performance.
17 – Performing order will be randomly assigned.
18 – Maximum Performance Time will be: 4-6 Minutes for each performer allowed in the Competition. 10 – 20 points will be deducted from your total score for exceeding the time limit. Your time will begin immediately after you are introduced.
19 – Your score will not be made public and you may have the sheets after the contest is over if you specifically request that from the Contest Chairperson. A meeting with the judges will not be available.
20 – Contest winners will be announced at the Evening MEGA Magic Show and prizes will be given out and both winners will perform in the MEGA Magic Show.

The following criteria and point values will be used by the judges for scoring and determination of the winner:

  •  STAGECRAFT = 0 to 10 Points
    Appearance of performer, costume, props, and whether these elements are appropriate for the act.
  •  STAGE PRESENCE = 0 to 15 Points
    Personality, Poise, Confidence, Professionalism, and an Ability To Connect With the Audience.
  •  ENTERTAINMENT VALUE = 0 to 30 Points
    Audience reaction and appreciation, combined with the enjoyment of the performance by the judges.
  •  PRESENTATION = 0 to 35 Points
    Routining, Continuity, Showmanship, Professionalism, and Technical Ability.
  •  ORIGINALITY = 0 to 10 Points
    Originality of tricks and/or methods, Inventive presentations or routining.