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On June 27th/2015 the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop has been open 15 YEARS as a Brick and Mortar Magic Shop located in Calgary Alberta. We’ve moved location two times and filled thousands of orders ……



The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop located in Calgary Alberta Canada

To celebrate this occasion we are having a MEGA Magic Saturday at WINSTON Heights Community Centre which is located at 520 27 Avenue NE CALGARY and YOUR INVITED. Its a place where real MAGIC happens. Its a one day Magic Convention with Magic Shows, Prizes, giveaways, FREE STUFF, Competitions, and Lectures from some of Magic Hottest talent in the industry and in the evening a MEGA Magic show.

Come join Professional Auctioneer BRENT MILLER at the MEGA Magic Auction that will ongoing through out the day for magicians who want to get rid of the Magic they no longer use. For registered guests ONLY

Magic Auction



Brent Smith – Owner of The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop Magician – BirthdayMagicianBrent.com

The MEGA Magic show will end it all with a Magic show open to the public and anyone is welcome to come and witness some of Magic hottest tricks, performed by top magicians from around Canada. Starring Brent Smith, Chris Westfall, Anthony Lindan (Both from Toronto) and with the winners from the Magic Competitions that happened earlier in the day. Open to the public of all ages and tickets NOW ON Sale

Evening show open to public…No registration needed

MEGA Magic Show


MEGA Magic Show Tickets - $18.99 EA

Prices on this site increase June 1st