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**ADULT STAGE IS FULL – No more participants will be accepted in this category***


Please read carefully –  Last day to join is JUNE 20th

A minimum of 3 contestants must compete in each category for 2nd Prize to be awarded
A minimum of 3 contestants must compete in each category for 2nd Prize to be awarded

Edmonton magician and Illusionist Kent Wong has just been added to MEGA Magic Sunday as MC for the Junior and Senior Stage competitions.

featureKent Wong is one of the most sought after entertainers in North America. With numerous appearances on national television, he is also a two-time, international Gold Medal Champion and a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle.

Kent has astounded audiences with his unique brand of magic and humour for over 35 years. From strolling magic to banquet shows and grand scale illusions, Kent has done it all. He’s just as comfortable entertaining a small group of employees as he is in front of 2000 corporate executives.

Kent,  with his superb time management skills and helpful knowledge will answer any questions you may have and keep these competitions on track.

Magic competition is open to anyone registered as a participant in MEGA Magic Saturday

There are TWO (2) levels of entry and 2 categories for each level :

Junior ……10-17 years old – Close up and/or Stage 
Adult …….18-99 years old – Close up and/or Stage 

Each category will have a Minimum 4 minutes Max 6 minutes. If the performer goes over the allowed time limit he will be pulled from the stage.

All categories will be limited to a maximum of 4 contestants. Contestants must be registered as a magician at MEGA Magic Saturday 2015.


If you or someone you know would like to come to see 1 particular competition a temporary pass will be available for $10.00 EA.

Good for Junior OR Senior Competitions not for both 






Here is a Floor Plan……………………………….

IMG_5992[1]The following criteria and point values will be used by the judges for scoring and determination of the winner:

  •  STAGECRAFT = 0 to 10 Points
    Appearance of performer, costume, props, and whether these elements are appropriate for the act.
  •  STAGE PRESENCE = 0 to 15 Points
    Personality, Poise, Confidence, Professionalism, and an Ability To Connect With the Audience.
  •  ENTERTAINMENT VALUE = 0 to 30 Points
    Audience reaction and appreciation, combined with the enjoyment of the performance by the judges.
  •  PRESENTATION = 0 to 35 Points
    Routining, Continuity, Showmanship, Professionalism, and Technical Ability.
  •  ORIGINALITY = 0 to 10 Points
    Originality of tricks and/or methods, Inventive presentations or routine

There is a $10.00 entry fee to enter each competitions. The entry fee must be included with your contest entry form and can be included with your registration.


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